Toyota Remains Bullish on the Prius Line

The Toyota Motor Company is coming off of a tough period where the quality of its cars have been questioned and as customers consider competing models. For the first time Toyota’s supposed invincibility has been challenged and the automaker is now finding that its once smooth road has been littered with quality potholes.

But, Toyota is working diligently to take care of its own problems and is moving forward in its quest to elevate its Prius hybrid model. The Toyota Prius has been around for more than a decade, the benchmark model by which all other hybrids are patterned. Toyota cannot afford to rest on its laurels, however, as Ford, Hyundai, Kia and others have brought their own hybrid models to the market. Plug-in hybrids are here as well and include the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt. Suddenly, Toyota is in danger of being bypassed by the competition.

Expanding Prius

The Prius line is, however, the most popular hybrid on the market. Sales in 2010 were down in this segment, but that is considered to be only a temporary glitch. Gas prices have moved north of $3 per gallon which means car buyers are exploring their options including finding cars getting exceptional fuel mileage.

Toyota’s plans for Prius are unfolding, with the automaker using the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit to explain where the brand is headed. Between show releases and company chatter, we can expect the Prius line to look far different over the coming years as that model is expanded:

Plug-In Prius – Like other automakers, a plug-in version of the Prius is on its way. This model will use a lithium-ion battery pack and be rechargeable. Having plug-in capacity will enable the Prius to go much farther on electricity only, with a gas engine kicking in when the battery has been depleted.

New Models – The Prius v is the first new model for the Prius family. This wagon-like vehicle is a crossover. The cabin is larger, which means back seat passengers will get more room. Storage has been increased, by 50 percent according to Toyota. The “v” will debut as a 2012 model and will ride on the same platform powering other Priuses.

Concept Prius – Although not green-lighted for production, the Prius C concept shows that Toyota is serious about building an entire line of Priuses. This model, a 2011 NAIAS debut candidate, maintains the five-door versatility of the original Prius, but has a sportier visage and is being targeted to compete against the cheaper Honda Insight.

Rare Earth – Toyota, like other hybrid builders, relies on rare earth materials such a lanthanum to power its Prius. That may change as the automaker is looking at using an induction system for its hybrid models, avoiding usage of materials which are expensive and 90 percent controlled by the communist Chinese government.

Future Growth

Expect Toyota to roll out additional Prius models as the sub-brand continues to grow. A coupe is possible as is an even smaller Yaris-size model. Don’t expect Prius to become its own brand, but it will be an important sub-brand and could prove to be the model line credited with rescuing Toyota.

More Passengers For The Mercedes Benz R Class

Those who find the Mercedes Benz R Class interesting would be even more interested with the newest version of this vehicle that shows off an aura of luxury and prestige. After all, the new one would be able to pack in more passengers in its cabin. The total? A topping six passengers.

Having been in the industry only this year, the Mercedes Benz R Class is fairly a new one. It is manufactured by Daimler Chrysler AG and marketed under the Mercedes Benz class. It is an MPV and yet is also a crossover sport utility vehicle. It comes as a wagon that holds five doors. The BMW X5, Acura MDX, Land Rover LR3, and Cadillac SRX are a few of its competition in the market. It first went to the public as a concept car during the Detroit Auto Show back in the year 2001.

Mercedes Benz has lovingly dubbed this vehicle as the Grand Sports Tourer. And since it is a Mercedes Benz vehicle, it should also cost that much. The base Mercedes Benz R Class R320 CDi would let you shell out $82,900 for a unit and you would have to spend a huge and whopping $122,900 for the top of its range R Class R500L version. Perhaps only the Mercedes Benz spare parts are parts of this vehicle that do not cost that much.

Unlike other vehicles in its class, the Mercedes Benz R Class can seat six people inside. There are three rows of two passengers in the cabin. There are fully adjustable and individual bucket seats inside and these comprise the first and second rows. As per the last row of seats, these actually could fold flat on the floor so much so that you can store in more cargo in any you need to.

But you see, despite the huge price that you would have to pay to own one of these vehicles, you would be, in turn, having a vehicle that holds much equipment. There is a satellite navigation that comes with the vehicle. Alongside with that, there is also the Harman Kardon Logic 7 sound system plus heated leather seats among many other amenities.

A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Decent Car at a Decent Price

Purchasing an auto can be maddening for ladies. Ladies need to be additional vigilant because they never know when the salesman might try and exploit them.

If a girl fails to take defensive measures, she could finish up being another trusting victim of a sales spiel from an automobile dealer. In this piece, I’ll debate some pointers that women can take to make themselves safer from vehicle sales folk. Shop on the internet. How about buying your next vehicle online? This protects you from any salesperson ( or lady ), who attempts to convince you to buy a vehicle from them. Take some time and look so long as you like because there will not be any one rushing you. Your personal computer doesn’t care what sort of automobile you buy. And you will possibly find some wonderful deals online too. Take somebody with you. If you loathe the concept of buying a car online then be at liberty to visit a vehicle agency. But take somebody with you. This may be any one.

The real reason to take somebody with you is so they can distract the salesman, which gives you more time to think on whether you need to purchase the automobile. Perhaps take along your 12 years old child, and have him ask the vehicle dealer different questions. Or bring your husband with you. It particularly helps if he is the frightening type. No salesperson will need to offend him, and you’ll feel less pressured to get an automobile you do not need. You can also take one of your squeezes with you. If the salesman is a person than your girl might be in a position to distract him by flirting with him even though, that may also buy you more time to think about your purchase. Show explanation of less expensive costs. Do your research and prove to the salesperson that you have found the same auto at other dealers for far less. Ask the salesman if he will lower the cost of the car based on your research. If the salesman says no then threaten to go some place else.

I am gambling the salesperson will surrender to your demands. Be informed about autos. Being well informed about automobiles is comparable to showing evidence that you found a cheaper car at another dealer. But rather than just knowing about costs, you need to know how autos work. I do not say you need to be an expert at it, just know enough about vehicles to be ready to ask the salesman some decent questions. This proves that you know what you are talking about, and the salesman will generally have a more deferential angle towards you. If you are a girl who wants to get an automobile then ensure you go about it the correct way.

When done properly buying an auto could be a straightforward process. If the right steps are taken then the auto purchasing process can really be fun for a girl.